We Shall Be Changed

Questions for the Post-Pandemic Church

Edited by Mark D. W. Edington

Nov/2020, 112 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640653726



How will we regather the church after the pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic is an inflection point for the church everywhere—and certainly for the Episcopal Church. The sudden flowering of creativity, connection, and collaboration is an expression of the Holy Spirit’s relentless presence within the church; yet ongoing distancing creates difficulties to be overcome on the other side of the present crisis.

How will we change habits of isolation and regather the church? How will we manage the impact on church finances? How is God calling us to embrace the energy and creativity of this moment—and the longing people have felt for a return to community? What challenges will we face regathering the people of God, particularly in already weakened communities?

We Shall Be Changed is a gathering of brief essays from thought leaders around the church on pressing topics that the church needs to be considering now—in preparation for the end of this pandemic. The book is designed to spur conversation within parishes, fellowship groups, and clergy gatherings about how to embrace the gifts this time has given while anticipating and addressing the very real challenges the church will confront in its wake.

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MARK D. W. EDINGTON is the bishop of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. He served as Epps Fellow and Chaplain to Harvard College, and Associate Minister and Director of Administration in The Memorial Church of Harvard University. He served as executive director of the Center for the Study of World Religions and as the inaugural executive director of the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. He was also the founding director of the Amherst College Press. He lives in Paris, France.

Elise Erikson Barrett

Molly Baskette

Paul-Gordon Chandler

Shane Claiborne

Kelly Brown Douglas

C. Andrew Doyle

Sarah Birmingham Drummond

Mark Edington

Miguel Escobar

Greg Garrett

Lizette Larson-Miller

Lorenzo Lebrija

Jeffrey D. Lee

Andrew B. McGowan

James Murphy

Deanna Thompson

Robert Wright

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  • pandemic
  • congregations
  • finance

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