The Adventures of Cancer Girl and God

A Journey of Faith, Health, and Healing

Anna Fitch Courie, Foreword by Ben Emanuel

May/2018, 216 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640650107



First-hand experience living with cancer in more than 30 "days of journaling" through the course of a year

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can make a person feel both frightened and powerless; Anna Fitch Courie takes a different approach: Join her as she embarks on an epic journey with God after finding out she has cancer. Cancer Girl wraps herself in a cape of grace, freely sharing her experiences of diagnosis, traversing the medical system, finding faith in God again, and learning to live with cancer. Cancer Girl learns that there is no stronger "magic word" than "Trust God."

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Anna Fitch Courie is an Army wife, nurse, and the author of two previous Christ Walk books and The Adventures of Cancer Girl who finds her calling where health and spirituality intersect. A consultant on building community coalitions on health, she is a graduate of Clemson University, the University of Wyoming, and Education for Ministry (EfM). 

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1. Day 1: I am So Very Angry At God
2. Day 2: The Anxiety is Overwhelming
3. Day 3: Coming Out of the Cancer Closet
4. Day 4: A Litany of "God Bless"
5. Day 5: In Sickness and in Health
6. Day 6: Today I felt Normal
7. Day 8: Answer this ONE Question
8. Day 11: Don't Play the Gambling Game
9. Day ?: What Pain Will Do to You
10. Day 13: Humor
11. Day 15: Goonies Never Say Die
12. Day 18: We Are Groot
13. Day 20: You've Got Your Good Days and Your Bad Days.
14. Day 21: Three Weeks. I Want My Mama
15. Day 23: David and Goliath
16. Day 30: One month In
17. Multiple Days: The Number One "No-No"
18. Day 32: Making Bad Good
19. Day 39: "So, How are you?"
20. Day 42: Crazy Things that happen when you have Cancer (or other diagnosis)
21. Day 49: God Advertises in NEON SIGNS
22. Happy Thanksgiving!
23. Day 47: Wearing yourself thin: What Not to do
24. Day ????: Where is My breaking point?
25. Another Day Has Passed: TEN bits of Advice to the Healthcare Industry
26. Day 70: You Will NEVER Believe What I Have Chosen
27. On the 1st Day of Christmas....
28. Saying Good-bye
29. Cancer Day 125: Another Day with Cancer, Or Just Another Day
30. It's World Cancer Day
31. My Six-Month Cancerversary
32. Somewhere Around Six Months.....
33. Day 365: A Year with Cancer
34. 40 Things I've learned since turning 40


“Having had melanoma in my 30s, I am so grateful for this piercingly honest, encouraging, real, and straightforward book. Courie offers her readers the open invitation to tell the truth of their experience of cancer, and to carry that experience into sustained prayer through reflection and journaling. Highly recommended.”
––Mary C. Earle, author of Days of Grace: Meditations and Practices for Living with Illness

“Anna Fitch Courie writes with a brutal honesty that’s refreshing and disturbing all at the same time. As a ‘cancer boy’ myself, I was there with her through every sentence of her book. There is no redemptive quality in having cancer. It’s not a God-induced opportunity to witness to our faith. As Anna writes: it just plain "sucks.” So, cancer can never give us a hyphenated identity, because our full identity, as Anna attests, is already grounded in the God who wonderfully created us and more wonderfully redeemed us in Jesus Christ.”
–– The Right Reverend Scott Anson Benhase, Bishop of Georgia 

“There is so much to love about Adventures of Cancer Girl and God! Imagine a memoir that is also a retrospective, accompanied by a playful workbook where the reader is invited to reflect on his or her own life alongside the author. Anna takes our hand and guides us through every nook and cranny of her diagnosis––from denial, to anger, to gratitude, to denial, to faith, to denial, to joy. Along the way, we reflect with her on our closest relationships, on our own anger or sadness, on our favorite swear words and deepest prayers. I found reading this book was like reading through the Psalms; all human emotions are present, and are of God. Honest, raw, and courageous, the author’s story is at once intensely personal and universal. Her experiences along her journey, even when solitary, remind her to reach out to those around her, and to God. You will find yourself journeying beside her and cheering her on, while leaning more deeply into your own life and faith."
––The Reverend Cricket Cooper, author of Chemo Pilgrim 

“In Christ Walk Anna Fitch Courie invited us all on a journey, a Lenten walk with Jesus. Now she takes us on a hero's quest, with an honesty and tenacity like no other. Whether you have felt betrayed by your body, gone through the illness of a loved one, or simply strive each day to be a follower of Jesus, Cancer Girl inspires, challenges, motivates, and empowers all of us toward a closer relationship with God.”
––The Reverend Benjamin Gildas of Priest Pulse podcast

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