Building Resilience

When There's No Going Back to the Way Things Were

Alice Updike Scannell

Oct/2020, 176 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640653764

How do we develop the resilience that empowers us to be ourselves in the face of change?

How do we learn to be courageous when days are difficult? How do we build our capacity for healing and growth when we can no longer do the things we once did that gave our lives satisfaction, meaning, and purpose?

Building Resilience offers a path toward creativity in responding to change in your life, regaining some control over your circumstances, and overcoming feelings of helplessness. Whether you’re 17 or 75, if life has thrown you a curve ball, this book can help you get on track toward being yourself in your new normal. With a foreword by Stephanie Spellers.

ALICE UPDIKE SCANNELL, PhD, was a gerontologist, researcher, and educator. Dr. Scannell’s research focused on how adults adapt to adverse life events such as chronic illness, disability, and loss. She was a Senior Research Associate at the Institute on Aging, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.


  • COVID 19
  • healing
  • mindfulness
  • aging

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