Arts Camp

A Creative, Customizable Alternative to Vacation Bible School and Beyond

Christina Clark

Oct/2015, 128 Pages, Paperback, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819232281

A way for churches to conduct an artful exploration of faith.

Arts Camp provides practical, concrete instruction that a church needs to plan, organize, staff, and conduct an annual five-day Arts Camp, including guidance on logistics, funding, finding art instructors (within both the local church and the broader community), ideas for structuring and scheduling the five days of camp, and a celebration on the Sunday following camp. Each chapter includes details on art projects, programming, music, drama, games, and resources.

Christiana Clark is a former public elementary school teacher and the mother of two boys, as well as the Family Minister at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Denver, Colorado. She worked with St. Barnabas's Arts Camp for several years before being hired by the church and taking over the Arts Camp in 2010. She lives in Denver, Colorado.

"Arts Camp is a resource that should be on the bookshelf of anyone who plans, runs, or helps with any kind of summer camp or seasonal retreat for children. This is much more than a camp resource and can be used in a multitude of ways and with multiple generations. Tina has done a great job leading the user through all the things one needs to consider as they plan and execute a program such as schedule, space needs, budget, forms, etc. This book is filled with great resources that engage all of your senses and is packed with ideas and suggestions—a book that can be used for many years to come!"—The Rev. Shannon Kelly, Acting Missioner for Campus and Young Adult Ministries, the Episcopal Church"It is inspiring to see a church program that is home-grown, in line with the mission of the church, and fully integrated into the life of the parish. With this new book, Tina Clark has created a highly practical and educationally sound guide for hosting a program such as Arts Camp. From songs to forms to planning schedules, Clark has thought of everything. The wisdom and experience in this book is a true gift."—The Rev. Matthew Kozlowski, Virginia Theological Seminary"This book is a wonderful resource for churches who want an alternative yet meaningful way to educate and inspire children to open their hearts and minds to God’s world through fun, creative, artistic programming. Christiana offers a treasure trove of ideas and practical advice to create a summer camp that fits the needs of individual congregations. In today’s world of dwindling church attendance, this book offers “out of the box” thinking to creatively minister to the community while, ultimately, building the church for the next generation." —Lesley Mazzotta, Director of Spiritual Formation, Christ Church/Community Reformed Church, Manhasset, New York"Occasionally a book comes along that everyone in ministry with children, youth, and adults needs not on their office shelves but on their desk. Tina Clark’s book, Arts Camp: A Creative, Customizable Alternative to Vacation Bible School and Beyond, is one of those books. Having led and collaborated with other Directors of Christian Education in creating and leading Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) for almost twenty years, I find Arts Camp to be an important resource that will offer guidance created from success for the novice or the seasoned VBS leader as you create your own weeks of delighting in God's glory for children."—Deborah Bell Rodahaffer, Director of Christian Education (1996—2015) St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Louisville, Kentucky; member and former president of Forma

"Arts Camp provides all you could possibly need to create a program tailored to the needs of your congregation, bound into one book. With this program, VBS has matured to meet twenty-first-century children where they are. Offering this program could well be the best thing you ever do to nourish your own children while including children you have not previously reached."—Helen Barron, Candle Press

"Arts Camp is a fresh and creative alternative in a world of prepackaged children’s programming. Christina Clark keenly understands the wonder and joy that emerge when the people of God are given the space to explore their creative selves through music, visual art, scripture, and movement. It is a resource with integrity, spiritual depth, and meaningful ways to express a heart for mission. Its timeless elements will make it an excellent resource for years to come."—Emily Given, Director, Children and Family Ministry, Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Dallas, Texas, author of Building Faith Brick by Brick: An Imaginative Way to Explore the Bible with Children

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