Christianity Without Superstition

Meaning, Metaphor, and Mystery

John McQuiston ll

Sep/2012, 128 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819227386



• A re-examination of Jesus’ way for living and what it means to be Christian

• Author’s earlier works are evergreen best-sellers

Is belief in the Nicene and Apostles Creeds required to be a Christian? Does science support or diminish belief in the divine? How does one live Jesus’ way in the world?

A careful study of Jesus shows that his intended legacy for us was not a set of propositional beliefs, but a way for being in the world, a way that opens us to the extraordinary opportunity of the present, a way that can convert our hurried, anxious lives into something luminous.

Our obsession with “what to believe” misses the primary message of the Bible, says McQuiston, who asserts that the paramount message of Jesus, and even the Hebrew Scriptures, is not about what stories to believe, but how to live.

John McQuiston II is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, and author of Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living and A Prayer Book for the 21st Century.

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