In Conversation: Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett

Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett

May/2019, 128 Pages, PAPER

ISBN-13: 9781640651296



  • Second volume of the In Conversation series
  • Insights into the art of listening from former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and author Greg Garrett

How is God speaking into our lives today? How do Christians discern what they're being called to do? How do literature and culture intersect with the Scriptures and our tradition? And what might the work of the artist teach us about both spiritual practice and the vocational tasks of preaching and teaching? Be a fly on the wall and listen in as dear friends—one who happens to be the past Archbishop of Canterbury, the other, "one of the Episcopal Church's most engaging evangelists" (Barbara Brown Taylor)—discuss their longtime passions and shared interests. In this new volume of the "In Conversation series," Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett talk about friendship, the Church, the gift of great novels, the importance of Shakespeare, the art of writing poetry and fiction, the preaching event, engaging popular culture, the relationship between faith and politics, the practice of prayer, and the necessity of sacred community, modeling for us in the process both the vanishing art of conversation and an active engagement with faith, culture, and real life.

Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett share an interest in things of faith, the written word (especially plays, poetry, and fiction), and a good conversation. In this volume, the next in the In Conversation series, they take on all three, especially through the lens of listening.

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Rowan Williams was educated in Wales, Cambridge, and Oxford. Acknowledged internationally as an outstanding theological writer, teacher, and pastor, as archbishop of Canterbury, he led the diocese of Canterbury, the Church of England, and the Anglican Communion worldwide for ten years. He is now Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Greg Garrett, PhD, has written more than twenty books of fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and translation, including My Church Is Not Dying: Episcopalians in the 21st Century. Professor of English at Baylor University and Theologian in Residence at the American Cathedral in Paris, he has appeared internationally on radio and television and regularly preaches, gives readings, and leads workshops and retreats."

"This dialogue comes across as refreshingly unstaged and genuine, and offers a smorgasbord of riches to enjoy and ponder."
—Publishers Weekly

"The entire Gospel is conversation. Life is conversation. Conversation is something the human spirit is constantly seeking. Without it, we know, one can go mad. The importance of continuing to converse is crucial for the health of the soul and the health of our church and nation. This may be truer, and more needed, today than it has been in quite a while. These conversations between two people I love dearly are sure to set off some of your won. If so, the book will have succeeded in making this world a bit gentler and perhaps a bit more understanding, too."
—The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel, VIII Bishop of Olympia

"Theology, it is often said, is best done in conversation. And in this wonderful book, we find one of the most remarkable Anglican theologians of recent times engaging in some truly sparkling conversations that touch on church, politics and culture, through to poetry, prose and art of writing. Greg Garrett's conversations with Rowan Williams offer a banquet of theological riches served in a warm and relaxed mode – yet always shining with the wisdom and penetrating spiritual insight we have come to expect from a theologian of Williams' stature. This is a book crafted out of friendship and mutual respect, offering insights and illuminations into how theology can shed light on some of todays' most pressing challenges. This is a wonderful book to treasure and return to – indeed, like all good conversations."
—The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford

"This book is a remarkable conversation between two good friends who also happen to be exceptional theologians and thinkers. Whether the topic is prayer, poetry, politics, or pop culture, their insights are illuminating and their friendship is infectious. Reading, In Conversation with Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett is like being a fly on the wall as two great minds plumb the depths of art, culture, and faith."
—The Very Reverend Randolph Marshall Hollerith, Dean, Washington National Cathedral

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  • faith
  • politics
  • culture
  • prayer
  • preaching

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