Church Meets World

Church's Teachings for a Changing World: Volume 4

Winnie Varghese

Aug/2016, 96 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819232717



• Next generation of classic Episcopal Teaching Series
• Accessible for newcomers and adults; content for church leaders and seminarians
• Download the study guide
• Topics and approach relevent to today's issues

The New Church's Teaching series has been one of the most recognizable and useful sets of books in the Episcopal Church. With the launch of the Church's Teachings for a Changing World series, visionary Episcopal thinkers and leaders have teamed up to revitalize the series with fresh voices and style, making it grounded and thoughtful enough for seminarians and leaders, yet concise and clear enough for newcomers.

A leading thinker and vibrant presence at the intersection of church and world, Winnie Varghese explores the "what," "how," and "why" of Episcopal engagement with contemporary social issues. Like the master of the household in Jesus' parable (Matthew 13:52) who "brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old," Varghese leads readers to discover theological resources from generations past and how they help to guide our action around thorny issues like racial justice, gender and sexuality, economic disparity, definitions of "family," the environment, and much more.

Audience: Church leaders, lay and ordained, seminary students and faculty, newcomers and adult formation groups

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Winnie Varghese serves as Priest and Director of Community Outreach at historic Trinity Episcopal Church-Wall Street in New York. She is a popular blogger on Huffington Post and gained respect for her work as rector of St. Mark's in the Bowery, a diverse, progressive church in New York. She is the chair of the board of The Episcopal Service Corps and leads social action efforts at the national and local levels. She has also served on The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church and as voting secretary of General Convention.

“This is a clear and honest book, short on jargon and long on love, that invites us all to live ‘as if’ God’s kingdom is here among us already.”

— Sara Miles, author of Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion and Director of Ministry at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco


“In this fine book, Winnie Varghese offers thoughtful, quite profound, reflections on how we as a church connect to the larger world and how we live daily as Christians.  Though written specifically for Episcopalians, these pages could be a manifesto for many Christians in the United States today.”
— Carter Heyward, Professor Emerita of Theology, Episcopal Divinity School


“Every page of this book is an invitation to wed action and contemplation. The vision Winnie casts here is aligned with the dreams of the prophets of old: both wildly familiar and radically unsettling.”

— Broderick L. Greer, popular blogger and priest at Grace-St. Luke’s Church in Memphis

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