Episcopal Etiquette And Ethics

Living The Craft Of Priesthood In The Episcopal Church

James Barney Hawkins IV

Mar/2012, 117 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819224064



A distinctive resource that deals with all the practicalities of the Episcopal culture for those preparing for--and exercising--ministry in the Episcopal Church

What is the appropriate attire for an Episcopal priest at the events associated with the service in the Book of Common Prayer, the “Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage?” What does it mean to be an icon of Christ at a cocktail party? How does one live with sensitive confidential information from a parishioner? These questions might seem almost trivial yet are deeply serious. The Episcopal Church is a distinctive culture: effective ministry needs an understanding of the distinctive Episcopal culture.

At one level, this is a book that introduces and explains the Episcopal faith to a potential priest who wants to be effective in this world. At another level, this book is a reflection on the meaning and nature of the holy mystery of priesthood.

Drawing upon his rich parish experience in the Episcopal Church, Hawkins distils a wealth of practical experience and tips to enhance the training of seminarians and the ministries of established priests. Hawkins takes the reader through the pastoral offices with theological reflection and vignettes in order to encourage “good priestly habits.” Ideal reading for anyone wishing to serve the Episcopal Church in an ordained capacity.

Barney Hawkins is Vice President, Associate Dean, and Professor at Virginia Theological Seminary and has more than 30 years of parish experience.

"Episcopal Etiquette Ethics is a welcome and fresh addition to the plethora of 'episco-speak/think/practice' books…In sum, Episcopal Etiquette Ethics is worth having in your library, particularly if you don the collar, or work closely in leadership with those who do, and is a lively reminder that the priesthood is not simply about doing a job; it is about living a craft as a 'person who follows as faithfully as possible the Exemplar, Jesus Christ, who is our great high priest'."—The Rev. Russell Levenson, Jr., rector of St. Martin's Church, Houston for The Living Church

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