How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice?

Mike Angell

Aug/2020, 66 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9781640652101



Explores way Christian individuals and communities can cultivate peace both locally and on a global scale.

Peace can seem so very far away, whether we are watching news of atrocities committed in other countries or we encounter the violence in our own neighborhoods. Mike Angell engages peace as more than an absence of conflict. Peace, following the Christian tradition, is more concrete. It must be planted, tended, and grown in our own hearts and in the world. This book explores ways individuals and Christian communities can cultivate peace personally, locally, and on a global scale. Non-violence is a core value of The Episcopal Church and integral the Jesus Movement’s focus on reconciliation. As part of our baptismal covenant to strive for justice and peace among all people, we are called to be models of reconciliation and peace towards our neighbors. This book is a simple guide for building peace when the streets around us are filled with anger and violence.

Mike Angell, rector of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis, has been part of interfaith efforts to curb gun violence and challenge racism and discrimination. Mike serves on the board of Cristosal, a human rights organization in El Salvador. He served on the presiding bishop's staff as Missioner for Young Adult and Campus ministries and has contributed to the Planning for Rights and Rituals series.

"After Ferguson, Minneapolis, and many other U.S. cities, Mike Angell's How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice? is timely and important. The issues of injustice and justice raised by our American reality and addressed in this book can no longer be ignored. I strongly recommend these pages." —Orlando O. Espín, Th.D., University of San Diego

"Impassioned, pastoral, personally revealing, and beautifully written, How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice? offers seasoned guidance to Christians who seek to abandon the idols of a peace that is no peace when justice is at stake." —Roger Ferlo, President Emeritus, Bexley Seabury Seminary

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