Making Money Holy

A Little Book of Guidance

Demi Prentiss

Apr/2020, 84 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9781640652224



Demi Prentiss shares why she believes, “we can come to understand the highest use of money as a tool for sharing God’s grace and for shaping the manifestations of God’s reign here on earth.” This book is a guide to looking at money honestly and practicing conscientious stewardship.

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Demi Prentiss has been a ministry developer at the parish, diocesan, and church-wide levels for 25 years, and has seen the transformational effect of refocusing the church outside its own walls. She serves as editor for the Episcopal Church Foundation’s  "Finance Resource Guide” and is the co-author of Radical Sending She lives with her husband in Denton, Texas.

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  • Money
  • stewardship
  • generosity
  • income
  • finance
  • theology

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