This Bread and This Cup Leaders Guide

Episcopal Communion study

Mary Lee Wile

Aug/2005, 176 Pages, Paperback, 8 x 11

ISBN-13: 9781931960366



Whether you have a small group or a larger one, whether you want to structure the program in 2 sessions or 5, whether the children in your group are all the same age or not, you'll have all the tools you need to customize a Communion instruction program that's just right for your parish with these rich, adaptable resources.This Leader's Guide is a comprehensive resource for clergy and lay people offering:

Background information on theology, leader reflection, goals, overview and materials lists

    •Ways to invite children to participate more fully in the eucharistic service

    •Explanations of what we do and say at Eucharist

    •Prayers, activities and scripture stories

    •Reproducible handouts to send home

This Bread and This Cup is a program for children and their families. The intended age is 6-9 but younger works too in the program. The Child's Book assumes the child can read, or it is used with a parent who does the reading.

This invaluable new resource brings greater understanding and meaning to a key aspect of Christian formation: Holy Communion. With solid information, including a brief history of children at the Eucharist, current theological perspectives and practices and flexible, user-friendly sessions, leaders will find that this program fits a wide variety of parish needs.

The Rev. Mary Lee Wile is a high school teacher and a deacon in the diocese of Maine. She also leads Quiet Days and workshops on contemplative prayer. She has published religious and educational articles in The Living Church, The Witness, The Other Side, Education Week and Teacher Magazine. Mary Lee received a MTS from Bangor Theological Seminary with a focus on Congregational Life.


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