Speaking Our Faith Leader Guide

Equipping the Next Generations to Tell the Old, Old Story

Kit Carlson

Mar/2018, 56 Pages, SADDLE STITCHED, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640650299



This Leader Guide offers five session plans designed to bring the process described in Kit Carlson's book, Speaking Our Faith, to small groups of adults (including millennials) in a congregational or school chaplaincy setting, in order to help them learn how to speak and share their faith. Guidance for the leader in how to facilitate each conversation is given, noting issues that tend to arise in each of the sessions. Homework assignments continue the work from week to week and are provided as well. The time to speak, to share our faith, is now. Through the sessions provided, participants will learn how to put words to their own experiences of God, create their own statements of belief, and begin to have compassionate, caring conversations with other people about spirituality, belief, and Jesus Christ.

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KIT CARLSON is rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in East Lansing, Michigan. A passionate commitment to the future of the Church and the future of the faith in the changing landscape of 21st century Christianity led her to research how post- Boomers speak about their faith, as part of her doctor of ministry degree. She is author of The Leopard Son, Bringing Up Baby: Wild Animal Families, and Working Dogs: Tales from the K9-5 World. She is a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary and writes at Pastor in the Pasture of Life

Facilitating Sacred Conversations
Session One: Setting the Tone
Session Two: How Do You Know What You Know?
Session Three: Who is the God That We Know?
Session Four: Faith in Action: Practices and Ethics
Session Five: This I Believe
The Final Celebration

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  • evangelism
  • Jesus
  • post-Boomers

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