Unmasking Latinx Ministry for Episcopalians

An Anglican Approach

Carla E. Roland Guzmán

Feb/2020, 240 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640651500

  • A look through a Latinx lens at how the Episcopal/Anglican church can minister to and with the Latinx community

Unmasking Latinx Ministry is a unique look at the history of the Episcopal Church in the last fifty years, including a bold and insightful analysis of the institutionalization of Latinx ministries. This history is contextualized within the struggles of the Episcopal Church in terms of race, gender, and sexuality.

Through a Latinx lens, the author brings fresh eyes to the challenges faced by the Episcopal Church's ministry with and among Latinx persons and communities. Along with the historical analysis and insight, the author brings a background and formation in Episcopal churches in Puerto Rico, Texas, California, and Central New York, as well as more than fifteen years of experience in a multicultural and multiracial, monolingual, and bilingual congregations in New York City. Combining this history and ministry experience, the author explores specific areas where Episcopal/Anglican traditions speak to Latinx ministries and what Latinx persons and communities offer the Episcopal Church today.

Audience: Church leadership, clergy, seminarians

CARLA E. ROLAND GUZMÁN, PhD, is Rector of the Episcopal Church of Saint Matthew and Saint Timothy, NYC. She is the Coordinator of Faith, Family, Equality: The Latinx Roundtable, a program of the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion, and Affiliate Faculty in Church History at The General Theological Seminary. Rev. Roland is committed to the full inclusion of Latinx persons and LGBTQ persons in all aspects of the church and society.


  • Latinx
  • inclusion
  • ministry
  • race
  • diversity

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