All Our Children

The Church's Call to Address Education Inequity

Edited by Lallie B. Lloyd, Foreword by Gay Clark Jennings

Apr/2017, 176 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819233479

• Creates a moral imperative for faith-based social justice groups to make dismantling racism an explicit part of their mission through childhood education
• Answers General Convention's call for conversation on Children, Poverty & Public Education

The church understands community as unity in diversity: Paul's vision of the Body of Christ as a physical body, with all parts welcomed and honored as parts of the whole, is an image of community as revolutionary in our day as it was in first century Rome. And the church's call to act in the world, to be Christ's hands and heart for healing and reconciliation, hope and justice, gives it a unique role in the national movement to combat education inequity, a movement grounded in education research, community organizing, and community-based organizations.

All Our Children offers a variety of stories witnessing to the power of real partnerships between faith communities and public schools that create, nurture, and grow relationships, while transforming lives and communities, churches and schools, for healing, liberating action, and resurrection. The book highlights ways that judicatories and congregations are already providing direct service (after-school programs, tutoring, food backpacks), participating in community coalitions of care (with non-profit, higher education, and public service programs and staff), and joining state and regional advocacy campaigns for improved funding, policy, and accountability.

Audience: Ordained and lay leadership of mainline denominations, public education advocates, education justice researchers, educators and Christian formation leaders, seminarians

Lallie B. Loyd is a lay leader in The Episcopal Church, a former General Convention deputy, and has served on policy and ministry commissions at the local, diocesan, and wider church levels. In 2012 she founded All Our Children, a national network of faith-based community partnerships with under-resourced public schools, to renew Episcopalians' commitment to education justice. Lloyd is a graduate of Yale University and has an MBA from the Wharton School and a master's in theology from Episcopal Divinity School, where she received the Hall Prize for outstanding peace and justice work. She has three adult children and lives on Cape Cod.

Foreword            Gay Clark Jennings
Introduction        Lallie B. Lloyd

Part One    Discoveries of Disparity
A Social Movement for Education Justic   Lallie B. Lloyd
Why We’re Here   Diane Carson
Finding Jesus in Unexpected Places   Jackie Whitfield

Part Two     A Theology of Relationship
Public Relationships and Public Institutions    Liz Steinhauser
Partners for the Kingdom   Benjamin P. Campbell

Part Three     Education as Justice

6. In the Beginning   Catherine Roskam
7. Turnaround   Audrey Henderson
8. An Ecumenical Public Education Initiative   W. Andrew Waldo

Part Four     The Reality of Socioeconomics
9. Gaps and Crosses   A. Robert Hirschfeld
10. They Were Reading on the Bus   R. William Franklin

Part Five     Partnerships of Church and School
11. Giving Up Outreach Projects   Hal Ley Hayek and Amy Slaughter Myers
12. Transforming Mission   Alexizendria Link
13. The Journey   Ruth Wong

Epilogue   Lallie B. Lloyd


A.    Types of Partnerships
B.    Ten Steps to Successful Church-School Partnerships
C.    Partnership Prayers

Selected Bibliography

Foreword                    Gay Clark Jennings

Introduction                Lallie B. Lloyd

Part One         Discoveries of Disparity

One                 A Social Movement for Education Justice     Lallie B. Lloyd

Two                 Why We’re Here                                             Diane Carson

Three               Finding Jesus in Unexpected Places               Jackie Whitfield

Part Two        A Theology of Relationship

Four                 Public Relationships and Public Institutions  Liz Steinhauser

Five                 Partners for the Kingdom                               Benjamin P. Campbell

Part Three     Education as Justice

Six                   In the Beginning                                             Catherine Roskam

Seven              Turnaround                                                     Audrey Henderson

Eight               An Ecumenical Public Education Initiative    W. Andrew Waldo

Part Four       The Reality of Socioeconomics

Nine                Gaps and Crosses                                            A. Robert Hirschfeld

Ten                  They Were Reading on the Bus                      R. William Franklin

Part Five        Partnerships of Church and School

Eleven            Giving Up Outreach Projects                          Hal Ley Hayek and

                                                                                                Amy Slaughter Myers

Twelve                       Transforming Mission                                     Alexizendria Link

Thirteen           The Journey                                                     Ruth Wong

Epilogue                                                                                  Lallie B. Lloyd


A.    Types of Partnerships

B.     Ten Steps to Successful Church-School Partnerships

C.     Partnership Prayers

Selected Bibliography


  • Social Justice
  • Public Education
  • Mission
  • Racism
  • Poverty
  • Partnerships
  • Micah Initiative
  • Public Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Children
  • Youth

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