Christmas Gifts


Prayer Books

Spirituality and The Arts

Bead One, Pray Too

Kimberly Winston$29.95

Knitting Into the Mystery

Susan S. Jorgensen and Susan S. Izard$26.95

Another Brush with God

Peter Pearson$29.95

A Brush with God

Peter Pearson$26.95

Contemplative Knitting

Julie Cicora$18.95

Contemplative Vision

Dirk deVries$18.95


Roger Hutchison, Foreword by The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry$24.95


I Will Arise and Go Now

Herbert O'Driscoll$22.95

Phyllis Tickle

Jon M. Sweeney$28.95

Passionate for Justice

Catherine Meeks & Nibs Stroupe, Foreword by Stacey Abrams$21.95

Hallelujah, Anyhow!

Barbara Harris With Kelly Brown Douglas$16.95

She Flies On

Carter Heyward$24.95

In the Eye of the Storm

Gene Robinson$22.95

Oscar Romero

Julio O. Torres$21.95

Songs My Grandma Sang

Michael B. Curry$19.95

Youth & Children's Books

Oración Común para Niños y Familias

Jenifer Gamber, Timothy J. S. Seamans, Traducido por Yoimel González Hernández$16.95

Peanut Butter and Jelly Prayers

Julie B. Sevig$19.95

Once Upon a Time Not So Long Ago

Jennifer Grant, Illustrated by Gillian Whiting$18.95

Sir Drake the Brave

Joy Jordan-Lake, Illustrated by Susan Eaddy$18.95

The Very Best Day

Roger Hutchison, Foreword by Jerusalem Jackson Greer$10.95

Common Prayer for Children and Families

Jenifer Gamber and Timothy J. S. Seamans, Foreword by Wendy Claire Barrie$16.95

A Little Blue Bottle

Jennifer Grant, Illustrated by Gillian Whiting$18.95


Jerome W. Berryman, Illustrated by Lois Kilberg$12.95

Cross Words

Duana Cisney, Foreword by Jenifer Gamber$26.95

Absalom Jones

Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones, Illustrated by Christopher M. Taylor $14.95

El Mejor Día

Roger Hutchison, Traducido por Yoimel González Hernández$10.95

We Gather at This Table

Anna V. Ostenso Moore, Illustrated by Peter Krueger$18.95

Candle Walk

Karin Holsinger Sherman$18.95


Edited by James Franklin and Becky Zartman$19.95